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Friday, November 23, 2018

Sometimes Success Comes Later in Life . . . Sometimes in the Afterlife MILTON’S PARADISE ROYALTIES LOST


Victor Bohnam Carter's Authors by Profession tells the story of John Milton, who was blind, deprived of his pension, and suffering from financial hardships, signing a hellish publishing contract for his epic poem, Paradise Lost.  
"The agreement was dated April 27, 1667, and provided that Milton receive £5 for the first edition or impression of 1300 copies, £5 for the second, and the same for the third.” In today's currency, £5 is approximately £570.00
Under the agreement, Milton transferred "All that Booke, Copy, or Manuscript" to his publisher with "the full benefit, profit, and advantage thereof, or w[hic]h shall or may arise thereby." Milton died  in 1674.  
During his lifetime he received a total of £10 from his publisher Samuel Symons. Milton’s widow later sold the copyright to Symons for £8. 
The contract, the earliest known contract between an English author and publisher, resides in the British Library today.

Milton publishing contract
Contract for John Milton's "Paradise Lost"